Church of Santi Vincenzo and Anastasio

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The parish church, marked by the simple Romanesque style typical of buildings in rural areas, is dedicated to St. Vincent the Martyr.

Chiesa dei Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio

It was probably built towards the end of the 13th century on the keep of the primitive castle. The portal, which can be reached by climbing some steps, with jambs made of stone blocks, ends at the top with an architrave made of a thick monolith.

In a travertine on the right, there are figurative elements carved in relief and some inscriptions, a hand with the index finger outstretched indicating the name of the stonemason (Abatino De Guasparo de Castro Fenocleti) below, a dove above an olive branch and in the centre the monogram of St. Bernardino.

Inside, the church has a rectangular nave ending in the apse with two small windows. The roof is made of wooden beams and is supported by four ogival arches. Beyond the entrance door, one can admire the holy water font decorated with floral elements dating back to 1489. On the right side of the nave in a niche, there is a Madonna on the Throne with Child, an 18th-century work.


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