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Situated at about 450 metres above sea level, Vasciano (Castrum Vasciani) is surrounded by lush forests and hills


In the course of its history, it was subject to various dominations, including that of the princes Savelli family, then subjected first to the dominion of Narni and finally to that of Stroncone, now a hamlet in its municipality. 

The town, with its houses built on a rocky ridge clearly visible in several places and its steep, narrow streets, still maintains the charm of its medieval origins. Walking up one of these streets, you reach the ruins of the fortress, with towers and walls that protected the settlement. 

The parish church, probably dating back to the 12th-13th centuries and renovated between the 16th and 17th centuries, is dedicated to the patron saint San Biagio. A stone portal leads to its one-nave interior where paintings and precious frescoes can be admired. An inscription in the main square recalls that Vasciano was the birthplace of Asprilio Pacelli, a renowned musician.

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