Convent of St. Francis (Sanctuary of Beato Antonio Vici)

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The Convent of St Francis, sanctuary of Beato Antonio Vici of Stroncone, is located just outside the city walls, amidst olive groves and woods, in a place that dominates the surrounding valley.

Convento di San Francesco

It was founded, according to tradition, by St. Francis himself in 1213. It became an important centre of theological, historical and scholarly studies in the 17th century. The place has undergone many alterations over the centuries. The works that transformed the convent and church to its current state date back to 1575.

On the outside, two chapels can be admired. In one, there is a fresco by Tiberio d'Assisi from 1509 depicting the Madonna Enthroned with Child and Four Saints and in the other, scenes from the life of Saint Anthony Abbot.
The inside, which can be accessed through a beautiful 15th-century portal, has one large and one small nave.
The chapel dedicated to San Diego holds the urn with the incorrupt body of Blessed Antonio Vici, co-patron saint of Stroncone along with St Michael, the Archangel. 

The Sanctuary is also known as the home of the Hail Mary because the oldest testimony of prayer in its present form is in the prayer book that belonged to Beato Antonio, now preserved in the church of San Damiano in Assisi.

One of the most interesting works in the church is the fresco of the Madonna Enthroned with the Infant Jesus holding a scroll with the inscription ego sum lux mundi; two angels are above and St. Francis is to her left.

A valuable library was attached to the convent, once considered as having one of the largest Franciscan collections in Umbria.

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