Asprilio Pacelli House

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In the 16th century, Vasciano was the birthplace of the great musician Asprilio Pacelli, who had great fame at the royal court in Poland, where he directed the musical chapel of King Sigismund of Poland for 23 years until his death.

Casa Asprilio Pacelli

In Rome in his youth, he directed the chapel of the German College and the Cappella Giulia in the Vatican.  His work as a composer, choirmaster, teacher and musical organiser was fundamental in linking Polish music to that of Western Europe and especially Italy. Asprilio Pacelli left us many pieces: sacred songs from five to twenty voices; psalms and motets for eight voices; madrigals, etc. 

In 1923, Vasciano dedicated a plaque in the main square to its illustrious son and recently also a choral festival organised by local associations, organisations and institutions.


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