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Coppe is a hamlet in the municipality of Stroncone, located on a hilltop at an altitude of 411 metres.


Originally known as Castrum Cupparum and later as Poggio delle Coppe, this area was once dominated by the Duchy of Spoleto, which collected duties and by the Narni lords Cardoli. In the 12th century, Beraldo di Rolando donated Coppe to the abbots of the monastery of Farfa. In 1155, the territory was divided amongst the sons of Bibbieno Cardoli. In 1225, Pope Honorius III placed Coppe under his protection to exempt it from Narni's municipal taxes. In 1300, Coppe was included in the territory of Narni together with Finocchieto and Stroncone, as established in the city's statute. Subsequently, it came under the Patrimony of St. Peter and in 1439 it was governed by Bartolomeo Vitelleschi. In 1507, Coppe became the property of Count Bernardo Cardoli, remaining in his family's possession until the 17th century. 

Places of interest include the Crypt of San Biagio, which houses a 15th-century fresco depicting the Madonna and Child, St. John the Baptist and St. Blaise and an imposing baronial palace, once owned by the Cardoli family and now by the Malvetani family.

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