Abbazia di San Benedetto in FundisAbbey of San Benedetto in Fundis

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Along the route that connects Stroncone to Miranda are the remains of the Abbey of San Benedetto, which gets its name 'fundis' from the nearby source of the monks.

Abbazia di San Benedetto in Fundis

Forgotten and falling into ruin from the 15th century onwards, it was erected by the Benedictine monks of Farfa around 1000 but the only document mentioning it dates back to 1181. Undoubtedly, due to its architectural features and the layout which is still visible, it must have been a very important abbey for its territory. It prospered for a few centuries until, after having been dependent on the Abbey of St. Matthew of Rieti along with other abbeys, it was entrusted to persons appointed by Rome who left it in a state of neglect. In 1810, it passed into the hands of Cardinal Lodovico Gazzoli, from a well-known family in Terni, who did not pay any attention to it. 

The building is today in a state of complete abandonment and without a roof but still shows signs of its former splendour.  The church originally consisted of a single nave, but then two side aisles were probably added in the 12th century, as it appears today. 

On the outside, it has no façade with a side entrance. The three apses, marked by pilaster strips and hanging arches, are built of well-connected blocks of considerable size. Above the one on the right there is a single-arched bell gable tower of later construction.

The inside has a three-nave basilica plan with juxtaposed apses and a raised presbytery that preserves the ruins of the cathedra. Under the presbytery there is a crypt which is very cramped and a mess.

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