Monastero di San Simeone

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Not far from the historical centre of Stroncone and Terni, in Località Cisterna, stands the ancient Monastery of San Simeone.

Monastero di San Simeone

Today, thanks to the “Ricostruttori della Preghiera” (Reconstructors of Prayer) community, the monastery has returned to life and dignity after troubled events in the past, which over the years had led to a state of total decay and abandonment. 

While the date of construction is unknown, we know from the Regesto Farfense that in 1012 the Benedictine monastery had received some rustic land as a gift from the priest Giovanni di Pietro. A hypothesis which is not unfounded would date the monastery back to the 4th century, when the oratory dedicated to Pope St. Sylvester was built, the remains of which are today incorporated in the walls of the present building. 

In the lunette of the entrance portal to the church, a fresco depicts the Virgin and Child holding a scroll bearing the words “Ego sum via”. On the sides, two cherubs hold a drape. In the church, there are interesting Baroque decorations and some frescoes. There is also the so-called “sasso cantale” (singing stone), around which the monks probably gathered to sing. Having passed through the ancient entrance arch, walking along the path leading to the monastery, among the flowers that bloom there in summer, one has the perception of entering another dimension. Here, where time passes slowly, in the quietness of the surrounding woods, visitors can leave the frenzy of daily life and stress behind to devote themselves to prayer and more. Throughout the year, the Reconstructors periodically organise relaxation and meditation courses, yoga, cultural activities, conferences and sculpture courses.

It is a place of popular traditions; according to an old legend, a huge old snake lives in the brambles in the surrounding area. While another legend recalls that lamps are often seen wandering in the church.




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