San Filippo Church

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The Church of San Filippo Neri was erected by the Confraternity dedicated to him around 1640 thanks to the generous intervention of Abbot Vici, its prefect at that time.

Chiesa San Filippo

The place known as “The abbot's houses” was purchased as it served as a shelter for the monks of San Benedetto in fundis when they went up to Stroncone to officiate in the church. Work and building began in this place at great expense due to the ruggedness of the area, which was rocky and very steep. 

The foundation stone was laid by the offshore vicar Paolo Malvetani; the bell of the small bell gable was donated by Monseigeur Seracchi, the last abbot of St Benedict. On 25 May 1634, the remains of St. Philip were brought to Stroncone: when they arrived at the aedicule of San Liberatore, they was met by the board of the two collegiate churches, all the confraternities of the town and a large part of the population. After Mass, they were accompanied in a procession to the churches of San Francesco, San Nicolò and San Michele Arcangelo, where they were finally laid to rest in the new church of San Filippo and where the confraternities met every Sunday.

The high altar has elegant ornamentation and sculptural groups in stucco, which makes one think once again of the Grimani workshop.

Due to seismic events, the church is unfortunately unfit for use at the moment.

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