Archivio Storico Notarile

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Located in Via dell'Arringo, it houses ancient notarial documents, land registers and parish registers dating back as far as the 13th century.

Archivio Storico Notarile

Although it is not intended for normal tourist visits but for expert consultation by scholars, it is important for everyone, as it is one of the richest and most interesting archives in Umbria and has made it possible to reconstruct the history of the city, learning about its characters, customs and past traditions. It also houses numerous archival series, evidence of municipal activity and city life in the 13th-19th centuries. 

The diplomatic fund consists of 103 parchment pieces. Particularly significant is the notarial archive with 614 items from 1355 to 1849; many of the oldest registers are protocols or registries covered with parchment fragments taken from other documents or liturgical manuscripts (some with musical notations) from the 11th-16th centuries, in Carolingian, Romanesque, Beneventan, Gothic, Humanistic, and Sephardic Hebrew scripts. 

Other series include the Judicial Archive (222 volumes from 1365 to 1849); the Recommendations and Reforms of the Municipality (29 registers from 1365 to 1860); five fragments of the Municipal Statutes from the 14th-17th centuries; and the Parish Registers from 1580-1860 (17 pieces).

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