Madonna del Colle Church

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Its first nucleus was built around 1450 as an oratory dedicated to Saint Roch

The community's advocate, by the Compagnia della Misericordia, probably as a form of gratitude for having saved the population of Stroncone from the plague. In 1630, the oratory was restored for the same reason.

Chiesa della Madonna del Colle

In 1738, when an image of the Madonna, transferred there from the Chapel of the Madonna del Tresto after appearing to a shepherdess, began to work miracles, it became insufficient to house the votive offerings and it was necessary to enlarge the small church to its present size. Work began in 1738 and was completed in 1740, all at the expense of the devotees. The church was then dedicated to the Madonna and the place, initially known by the simple word 'Colle', is now also called “Colle della Madonna”.


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